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Most recent escort directory updates of our 14858 Ad Listings of our 10686 Verified Female Escorts with links to her erotic escort reviews, sexy photos, other local verified escort agencies and independent female escorts.

Naughty Natalie Italian Escort with Reviews

  Naughty Natalie

26 Yrs

  Pennsylvania Independent Escort

36 b
  Escorts in Harrisburg, PA Slender
  8/23/2016 Red
Violeta Crema Hispanic Escort with Reviews

  Violeta Crema

Early 20's

  Austin Independent Escort

  Escorts in Austin, TX Curvy
  8/22/2016 Blonde
Natalie Coxx White Escort with Reviews

  Natalie Coxx

37 Yrs

  Texas Independent Escort

  Escorts in Fort Worth, TX Curvy
  8/23/2016 Brown
Riley Caucasian Escort with Reviews


Early 40's

  New York Independent Escort

  Escorts in New York, NY Medium
  6/20/2012 Blonde
Lori Caucasian Escort


29 yrs

  Philadelphia AGENCY: Joyscompanions Escort

32 b
  Escorts in Philadelphia, PA Petite
  8/2/2016 Brown
Curvy Chelle Caucasian Escort

  Curvy Chelle

30 Yrs

  Atlanta Independent Escort

  Escorts in Atlanta, GA Curvy
  8/21/2016 Blonde
GinaDePalmaXXX Lebanese,Cherokee,Fr Porn Star with Reviews


45 yrs

  New York Independent Porn Star

  Porn Stars in New York, NY BBW
  11/13/2003 Wild
Caprice Taylor Caucasian Escort with Reviews

  Caprice Taylor

23 yrs

  Las Vegas Independent Escort

  Escorts in Las Vegas, NV Curvy
  3/28/2013 Brown
Lucile Luscious African American Escort with Reviews

  Lucile Luscious

24 Yrs

  Dallas Independent Escort

  Escorts in Dallas, TX Slender
  8/21/2016 Dark Brown
Cici L'amour Caucasian / Latina Escort

  Cici L'amour

30 Yrs

  Illinois Independent Escort

  Escorts in Chicago, IL Curvy
  8/21/2016 Red
Chyna Love Mixed Escort with Reviews

  Chyna Love

25 yrs

  New York Independent Escort

  Escorts in New York, NY Petite
  10/17/2014 Brown
Sunni D Mixed Escort with Reviews

  Sunni D

24 Yrs

  Los Angeles Independent Escort

  Escorts in Los Angeles, CA Medium
  8/21/2016 Brown
Carmen Velvet African American Body Rub

  Carmen Velvet

28 Yrs

  California Independent Body Rub

  Body Rubs in San Jose, CA Curvy
  8/15/2016 Black
Ava Reese Caucasion Escort with Reviews

  Ava Reese

35 yrs

  Virginia Beach Independent Escort

  Escorts in Virginia Beach, VA Medium
  4/20/2003 Red
Casey Sterling White Escort

  Casey Sterling

25 yrs

  Missouri Independent Escort

  Escorts in St.louis, MO Medium
  3/31/2014 Brunette
Ilona Caucasian Escort


23 Yrs

  New York Independent Escort

  Escorts in New York, NY Slender
  8/18/2016 Blonde
Tilia Hausler European Escort

  Tilia Hausler

28 Yrs

  Washington Independent Escort

  Escorts in Bellevue, WA Slender
  8/16/2016 Blonde
Russian Dolls NYC Caucasian/european Escort with Reviews

  Russian Dolls NYC

23 Yrs

  New York AGENCY: Russian Dolls NYC Escort

  Escorts in New York, NY Petite
  5/17/2016 Dirty Blond
Emma Bailey Caucasian Courtesan with Reviews

  Emma Bailey

Early 30's

  Arizona Independent Courtesan

  Courtesans in Phoenix, AZ Luscious
  8/7/2009 Raven
Natalie Caucasian Escort with Reviews


26 yrs

  Indiana Independent Escort

  Escorts in South Bend, IN Curvy
  4/5/2016 Red
Dakota Scott Pacific Islander/cau Escort

  Dakota Scott

28 Yrs

  Illinois Independent Escort

  Escorts in Joliet, IL Curvy
  8/16/2016 Brunette
Olivia Carlton Caucasian Escort with Reviews

  Olivia Carlton

38 Yrs

  Washington DC Independent Escort

  Escorts in Washington, DC Petite
  8/16/2016 Long Dark Blond
Marley Favors White Escort with Reviews

  Marley Favors

25 Yrs

  South Carolina Independent Escort

38 DD
  Escorts in Charleston, SC Curvy
  8/11/2016 Red
Ashley Grace White Escort

  Ashley Grace

27 Yrs

  Sacramento Independent Escort

  Escorts in Sacramento, CA Curvy
  8/17/2016 Blonde
Miss Haven Causasian Body Rub with Reviews

  Miss Haven

34 Yrs

  San Diego Independent Body Rub

  Body Rubs in San Diego, CA Curvy
  8/15/2016 Brown
Victoria Grace Caucasian Escort with Reviews

  Victoria Grace

24 Yrs

  New York Independent Escort

  Escorts in New York, NY Curvy
  8/11/2016 Brown
Kayleigh Kisses Mixed Escort with Reviews

  Kayleigh Kisses

28 Yrs

  Dallas Independent Escort

  Escorts in Dallas, TX Curvy
  8/15/2016 Blonde


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