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Most recent escort directory updates of our 13854 Ad Listings of our 9516 Verified Female Escorts with links to her erotic escort reviews, sexy photos, other local verified escort agencies and independent female escorts.

Trinity morgana Caucasian Escort with Reviews

  Trinity morgana

37 yrs

  Arizona Independent Escort

  Escorts in scottsdale, AZ Hot Body
  3/29/2004 Black
Camile Class Caucasian Escort

  Camile Class

Early 50's

  Illinois Independent Escort

  Escorts in Chicago, IL Luscious
  8/20/2011 Brunette
Ariel Adore Caucasion Escort with Reviews

  Ariel Adore

Early 30's

  Louisiana Independent Escort

  Escorts in New Orleans, LA Curvy
  8/22/2014 Red
Ilona Ezilon Caucasian Courtesan with Reviews

  Ilona Ezilon

32 Yrs

  Atlanta Independent Courtesan

  Courtesans in Atlanta, GA Slender
  6/21/2012 Brown
Madame X Black Courtesan with Reviews

  Madame X

Early 30's

  Boston Independent Courtesan

  Courtesans in Boston, MA Hot Body
  12/27/2006 Black
Violet Wilde Caucasian Escort

  Violet Wilde

25 Yrs

  Rhode Island Independent Escort

  Escorts in Providence, RI Petite
  11/21/2014 Light Brown
Amanda Manhattan Canadian Courtesan with Reviews

  Amanda Manhattan

Early 40's

  New York Independent Courtesan

  Courtesans in New York, NY Curvy
  5/18/2010 Red
Anina Love African American Escort with Reviews

  Anina Love

21 Yrs

  Atlanta Independent Escort

  Escorts in Atlanta, GA Medium
  11/21/2014 Dark Brown
Candy Redd Mixed Escort with Reviews

  Candy Redd

23 Yrs

  Memphis Independent Escort

  Escorts in Memphis, TN Petite
  11/20/2014 Blonde
Candice Carter South American Escort

  Candice Carter

22 Yrs

  Boston Independent Escort

  Escorts in Boston, MA Petite
  11/20/2014 Brunette
Myprivatehours European Escort with Reviews


Early 20's

  Illinois AGENCY: Myprivatehours Escort

  Escorts in Chicago, IL Petite
  11/17/2014 Brunette, Red
Saige Superstax/Superstacks Caucasion Escort with Reviews

  Saige Superstax/Superstacks

Early 40's

  Pensacola Independent Escort

  Escorts in Pensacola, FL Slender
  1/30/2012 Blonde
Ann Cline Caucasian Escort with Reviews

  Ann Cline

Late 40's

  Illinois Independent Escort

  Escorts in Chicago, IL Medium
  5/7/2009 Blond/light Brown
Nikki Secrets Caucasian Escort with Reviews

  Nikki Secrets

23 Yrs

  Louisiana Independent Escort

  Escorts in New Orleans, LA Curvy
  7/28/2014 Brown W/highlights
Captivating Charisma CAUCASIAN Escort

  Captivating Charisma

40 yrs

  Rhode Island Independent Escort

  Escorts in providence, RI Slender
  7/28/2005 blonde/brown streaks
Tamia Taylor Black Escort

  Tamia Taylor

Late 20's

   Independent Escort

  Escorts in Naples, FL Slender
  6/13/2013 Brown
Whitney Cox Caucasian Escort with Reviews

  Whitney Cox

Early 30's

  Atlanta Independent Escort

  Escorts in Atlanta, GA Medium
  9/20/2011 Blond
Wren Saxton Black Escort with Reviews

  Wren Saxton

Late 20's

  New York Independent Escort

  Escorts in New York, NY Curvy
  12/11/2014 Shiny Black
Heather Caucasian Escort with Reviews


Early 40's

  California Independent Escort

  Escorts in Sherman Oaks, CA Curvy
  6/11/2013 Blonde
Ana Vixen Latin Escort with Reviews

  Ana Vixen

40 yrs

  Boston Independent Escort

  Escorts in Boston, MA Petite
  2/1/2012 Dark Brown
Busty Ally Caucasian Escort with Reviews

  Busty Ally

Early 30's

  Fort Lauderdale Independent Escort

  Escorts in Fort Lauderdale, FL Slender
  12/24/2010 Dark Brown
Leading Lady White Escort

  Leading Lady

38 Yrs

  Michigan Independent Escort

  Escorts in Grand Rapids, MI Medium
  9/7/2014 Brown
Indigo Anu Caucasian Escort

  Indigo Anu

28 Yrs

  Pittsburgh Independent Escort

  Escorts in Pittsburgh, PA
  12/10/2014 Blond
Brielle African American/bra Escort


24 Yrs

  California Independent Escort

  Escorts in Concord, CA Slender
  10/9/2014 Brown
Goldie Jackson Black/tongan Escort with Reviews

  Goldie Jackson

Early 30's

  California Independent Escort

  Escorts in San Francisco, CA Slender
  4/16/2010 Blonde
Cassidy Jones Caucasian Escort

  Cassidy Jones

36 yrs

  San Diego Independent Escort

  Escorts in San Diego, CA Slender
  4/15/2013 Blonde
Melinda Madison Caucausian Escort with Reviews

  Melinda Madison

40 yrs

  Colorado Independent Escort

  Escorts in Denver, CO Petite
  6/9/2011 Red


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